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Hybrid Work: Is it the future of Software Business?

The hybrid work model served well when the pandemic hit all of us. However, it is unmistakably an emerging work model that seems like it holds all the office-based companies’ future. Gradually, companies are offering their employees to opt for WFH for the long run. While a few ones concluded to keep it on-board.

Simultaneously, a company has to face many challenges while providing its employees with significant options to choose a workspace. A streamlined WFH model ensures employees’ flexibility, efficiency, and productivity with tech tools and works management features.

This article entails introducing the Hybrid work model, the benefits, and how the office-based companies’ future will be influenced by it.

What is Hybrid work?

Hybrid work is the combination of in-office working and remote working. It is the work model where an employee can work anytime from anywhere.

The hybrid work model is when office work is allocated among the traditional office and the home office.

“As per the recent survey, about 40% of people are happy working remotely because of schedule flexibility.”

How to implement the Hybrid model?

Now that we know what a hybrid model is, here’s your guide for its implementation. The software and tools accommodate the companies to be in constant and transparent connection with their employees. Here are a few factors considering which you can implement the hybrid model in your business.

  • Tech tools

For the past decade, tech tools have played a significant role in hybrid work culture. Be it creating a group or gathering the teams from all the departments together; tech tools ease the companies to engage them digitally.

· Bringing virtual office home

Using VR or AR technology, offices can note an employee’s availability and scheduled tasks. Chat apps also help the employers be continuously connected with the entire team effortlessly and track each employee’s overall performance. Project management tools such as ProofHub, Trello, Monday, Workfront, etc., have helped a lot in managing the ongoing projects and keep a record of them.

· Collaboration

With explicit software and asynchronous communication, companies are quite satisfied with holding video calls, meetings, etc. It makes the entire team gather and work together with the help of its extensive features. Collaboration apps such as Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, etc., have been emerging and the most demanding among the companies adopting hybrid work.

· Pulling up the enthusiasm through virtual events and meetings

Organizing virtual events or activities to keep up everyone’s enthusiasm at work and maintaining a good work record through holding meetings.

Benefits of Hybrid work model

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

1. Focus on productivity

The model enables the companies to measure and redefine each employee’s work performance. Be it in-office or remote working, and the management would surely want to monitor everyone’s working hours, breaks, and overall productivity. Therefore, they can continuously keep an eye on productivity measures through such tools.

While the hybrid work model is in process, employers focus on enhancing the productivity of all the employees working from home.They want to ensure that the team’s transparency is maintained and each one has a clearer picture of their day-to-day tasks.

A hybrid work model essentially applies specific tech tools to manage the employees, schedules, events, tasks, and the overall workflow to emphasize their productivity count.

2. Reduced on-board costs

The lesser the number of employees who would work in offices, the lesser the resources would be employed. From rental costs to office supplies such as food, beverages, water, electricity, etc., office expenses are reduced in every aspect. The employees, as well as the employers, are benefited from it as the commuting costs are highly saved.

3. Emphasize on flexibility

Flexibility has proven to be the most potent element in employee encouragement. It lays a positive impact on employees and intensifies their work engagement. And to keep the employees happy and satisfied, companies are willing to allow WFH.

Here are some more stats from smallbizgenius that prove how individuals are enjoying the flexibility in their workflow:

· 76% of workers would be more willing to stay with their current employer if they could work flexible hours.

· Approximately 24% of people working remotely at least once a month are more likely to be happy and productive.

As per these stats, approx. 97% of employees are happily willing to shift their workspace from office to home in the long run. As it not only sways away from the distractions but also accommodates them to hold healthy lifestyle habits, such as proper diet, exercise, etc.

Future of Hybrid work model

We can already see that Hybrid is the future as it enables the workforce to choose their workspace with an engaging work model. Besides workplace shift, the model also benefits the companies to monitor and work on improving everyone’s productivity.

If Hybrid Working is what you are planning to adapt, hire a team of experts from an experienced software development company who know to approach the teething challenges pretty well by formulating an efficient Hybrid work model.

Digital Marketing Head at Creating valuable insights that would help brands and businesses to enhance their sales growth.

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Sarrah Pitaliya

Sarrah Pitaliya

Digital Marketing Head at Creating valuable insights that would help brands and businesses to enhance their sales growth.

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