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Hiring a Node.js developer? Check for these qualities

7 essential qualities to check for before hiring a Node.js developer

Sarrah Pitaliya
5 min readApr 13, 2021


The IoT era has dawned, and a massive wave of process automation has taken the tech world by storm. Software and SaaS industries have experienced a meteoric rise.

From the simple task of checking the weather forecast to complicated financial trading, software permeates every facet of our lives. And to build high-quality software, you need high-quality developers and a high-quality framework. Here is where Node.js steps in.

Here are a few factors that have made Node.js a developer favorite.

• Serverless and hardware free

• Scalability

• Real-time apps

• Microservices

• It is a cross-platform framework and can run seamlessly on Windows, Mac, or Linux

• It is very lightweight, containing bare minimum modules

• Node.js is open-source

• It is asynchronous, making it faster than other frameworks

So now that you know the “Why” of Node.js, it is time to answer the “How.” For Node.js development, you are going to need Node.js developers. But how do you ensure that you get the top-of-the-crop? Don’t worry, I have it covered. Here are 7 essential qualities to check for before hiring a Node.js developer.

1. Vetted Experience

As an enterprise, one of the most crucial aspects of hiring a Node.js developer is whether or not he/she has relevant experience. With experience comes expertise, and for a successful development project, you need a team of experts. Additional qualifications such as certified courses and diplomas are an added advantage.

Given that Node.js was rolled out in 2009, two to three years of experience is desirable. An in-depth evaluation of the projects that the candidate has been involved in is also a pre-requisite. An ideal candidate should be experienced in fixing bugs and should have a decent number of projects in his/her repertoire. If the candidate has made contributions to the Node.js public domain, then you know you have a winner on hand.

2. Familiarity with Node.js Frameworks

Node.js has gained attention and favor because of the efficiency and effectiveness of its frameworks and its massive library of IDEs, modules, and tools. An ideal Node.js development candidate should be familiar with most, if not all, basic Node.js frameworks like Koa.js, Express, Total.js, etc., given that these frameworks provide added functionalities to the software being developed.

Additional knowledge of MVC frameworks like Meteor, derby, Sinatra, Rails, StrongLoop, etc., are also beneficial to the developer’s candidature.

3. Comfortable with Front-end Development

Node.js is commonly utilized in developing backend technologies like web applications or automated dashboards. Therefore, having a strong command over backend development technologies is a must-have for an ideal candidate. However, in addition to an understanding of backend mechanisms, a good Node.js developer should have a clear understanding of how the software being developed looks on the outside.

Knowledge/experience in building front-ends and a basic idea of front-end programming languages, design vies, and wireframing are also highly desirable skills.

4. API Communication Skills

Today, a multitude of tools and projects created to make software development using Node.js easier exist. These tools and projects can be incorporated into existing systems through application programming interfaces. An ideal Node.js development candidate should be comfortable using these APIs to integrate multiple systems and enhance their quality.

Strong knowledge of API communications is a highly desirable skill to consider while making a hiring decision. Testing candidate proficiency in API communications is a suggested approach to incorporate in your hiring process.

5. Database Management Capabilities

Database management capabilities are a crucial skill set for a prospective Node.js development resource. He/She should be well-versed with handling multiple databases efficiently and effectively and should also know how to integrate multiple databases into one.

The ideal Node.js candidate should also have a clear understanding of security, which is imperative when it comes to handling sensitive data assets. Experience with relational databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, etc., as well as NoSQL databases such as Orchestrate and MongoDB is a must-have.

6. Time Management Skills

Deadlines are an essential aspect of all business processes and even more so in the sphere of software development. Delays in launch can cause loss of brand equity and subsequently cause business losses. Developers who are not able to meet pre-defined timelines can prove to be more of a hindrance than an asset.

To avoid such situations, a thorough inspection of the developer’s reviews and the timelines within which he/she was able to complete projects are suggested.

7. Testing Skills

An ideal Node.js development candidate should possess test-driven software development capabilities and be comfortable with immediate and effective bug fixing.

The developer’s efforts should be in synergy with the testing project, and he/she should uphold a lucid communication flow with the project manager. The candidate should be proactive in testing every aspect, feature, and functionality of the product when it is built, prior to launch, and even post-launch.

In summation

In addition to the skills mentioned above, an ideal Node.js development candidate should be proficient in managing the workarounds of asynchronous programming. Competence in back-end development languages and frameworks like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and CSS# are also pre-requisites. Knowledge of tackling server-related Queries is a massive plus point. An understanding of Git and GitHub is also desirable.

An ideal development candidate should be well-versed with all the latest tools and techniques of Node.js development and should be abreast with all the latest developments, and should be able to write clean and effective code with minimal bugs.

In summation, the perfect Node.js candidate should not just be technically skilled but should also have an openness to learn and adapt to your process with the ability to put one’s ego aside and work efficiently as part of your development team.



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